Monica Nandwani: Age 33 years; From - Spain; Europe (Came for maintenance, still managed to lose 2 kgs)

If you are looking to lose weight but you tend to get bored of routines, then you must visit Himangi. After trying other dietitians with portion limitations and strict restricting patterns, I met her.

Without changing my daily lifestyle much, she made me realize how my body works and reacts to what i eat. The most important thing I liked about her is that she taught me to listen to my body and give it what it needs and when. I learnt that once you see the results you really enjoy following the plan and you can still eat everything in moderation. The learning I most cherished was to discover that diet is not starving, not eating boring foods or not enjoying yourself, it is just learning how to eat correctly.

Who would be a better dietitian than the one who enjoys eating herself, so as her mantra says 'Let's celebrate Eating!'

Karishma Sheth; Age 14 years; From - Andheri; Mumbai (Lost 15 kgs in 7 months)
Diet is not just a phase of life to reach to your target weight, but it is a lifestyle one should adopt in order to remain healthy. Himangi, my nutritionist, has taught me so much about good health and healthy eating. I have lost so much weight in such a healthy manner.

Thank you so much for making me hate junk food.
Bhavika Hinduja; Age 28 years; From - Dadar; Mumbai (Lost 9 kgs in 4.5 months)

When I started my weight loss journey with Himangi her concept was different from any diet plan I ever tried. An added advantage she has is she educates you, tellís you to check the facts, believe in it & then give it a shot. That is what I exactly did, and that try has CHANGED MY LIFE.

I followed the diet plan & within no time discovered-
1. I could manage life well
2. My craving for sweets did not exist. I looked at sweets and was ok not to put it in my mouth.

A great friend & adviser, Himangi has seen to it I am comfortable with my plans. She makes me realize it’s a two way working & not one. A great weight loss of 9 kgs and I am striving to loose more. People have complimented me that I have lost weight without losing the glow, which is very important.

I look forward for my appointments to check my next 2 weeks chart- wanting to get out all the excess fat out in a healthy manner.
Salim Pawane; Age 29 years; From - Bandra; Mumbai (Lost 18 kgs in 8 months)

I was a complete foodie and I had no control on what I ate.
Barbeque chicken with extra cheese pizza was my favorite.

I had put on a LOT of weight. When I decided to lose weight, I did a research of the bests dietitians in Bandra and finally came down to Himangi. I remember the first time I went to her and was filling the form I was afraid to even put down my goal as I was not sure about achieving it. Himangi however gave me the confidence that if I had a will to lose weight I sure will.

Slowly I got detached from all the wrong foods I was eating and got use to Healthy eating and healthy living. Today I weigh 18 kgs lighter than from where I started off. I feel like a new and transformed individual. People who know me ask me how this transformation came and who is responsible for it and I proudly tell them Himangi's name. Whatever I have achieved today would not be possible without her guidance and support.
Dia Balani; Age 27 years; From - Dubai; UAE (Gained 3 kgs in 2 months)

They say weight gain is so simple and weight loss is tough!

Well ask people like me who try to gain weight. It's true I am lucky enough to be able to eat anything I wish but it was so frustrating that after eating all, I didn't gain even 100 grams! Everyone said I'd gain weight after having a baby but 6 months and I was back to my original size. I was nursing my baby and while my Baby gained, I constantly lost weight. That's when I got in touch with Himangi.

I did eat everything but I didn't eat right and that's what she made me realize. Keeping in mind my breast-feeding she formulated a simple easy to follow diet.

As good a human being that she is, she is also one of the best nutrition consultants I have ever got in touch with. She always follows up to know how the diet is coming along and making sure she keeps giving you tips to make Life easier and correct your eating habits.

Thank you Himangi for your constant support. Your diet has really helped me boost my immunity and gain weight just as much as I wanted.
Dilip Daryanani; Age 40 years; From - Dadar; Mumbai (Lost 4 kgs in 2 months)

Eating Desserts is not a 'Crime', is what I learnt from my 'Truly Professional' nutritionist Himangi Bhatia. It's all about time management.

I'm glad to be associated with the best Practical dietitian I've ever come across.

Three Cheers to Himangi Bhatia.
Niki Panjrath; Age 24 years; From - Malad; Mumbai (Lost 4.5 kgs in 1.5 months)

Himangi is a true example of 'Follow what you preach'. The diet Himangi suggested me was so practical to follow. She counseled me in such a manner that a person like me who was always fussy about the food I ate, started following the diet gradually and I started observing many positive changes in my body.

She has fundas and suggests diets that are suitable for people of all ages, for people with different body types. Her diet plans with her constant motivation helps one look and feel beautiful. She is like a perfect teacher who teaches you to eat correctly. I am her client forever as being healthy is a basic requirement for a life-time.

Thank you Himangi, you really work wonders for me.

Shobhna Mahtani; Age 48 years; From - Spain; Europe (Lost 5 kgs in 5 months)

My experience with Himangi has been more than satisfactory. I started with lots of hesitation and I must confess that I was definitely cheating on the diet prescribed but in-spite of this I lost volume in the first months.

But once I got down to seriously following the diets that I was given every fortnight I steadily lost kilos along with body fat within three weeks and it is thanks to Himangi's patience that I was able to reach to my goal. I also overcame my obsession for wrong foods.

I would simply say put yourselves in her hands and achieve a healthy life style.

Reesha Verma; Age 27 years; From - Andheri; Mumbai (Lost 3 kgs in 1.5 months)

Himangi is a thorough professional and she understands her subject very well. She has a complete all round perspective of health and nutrition. She knows exactly how to balance out the act of health and convenience for her clients, which essentially means her diet is easy to follow with minimal deviation from routine.
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