While working at Asian Heart, Himangi Bhatia was recognised as one of the best consultants based on patient feedback; and is the person to consult when you are in need of a specialised nutrition plan.

Himangi Bhatia is a post-graduate in Nutrition & Dietetics (NSI). She is certified Nutritionist for Exercise and Fitness from Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science, Mumbai. A licensed clinical dietician and nutrition specialist, she has counseled thousands of people at various health camps organised for some of the biggest corporate houses. Over time she has successfully worked with clients for fat loss, health ailments such as digestive problems, diabetes, blood pressure, menopause, thyroid, cancer, coronary heart disease, weight gain and so on.

Whether it’s a quick-fix weight loss plan so you fit into that party dress or a sustaining health regime you envision, Himangi Bhatia helps you get there. Her tailored diet plans go beyond nutrition basics so that you are better equipped to make healthy decisions when you are out there on your own.


More and more corporations are concerned about their employee’s well-being and good health. A healthy employee is more productive and adds value to the organisation. Himangi Bhatia has conducted health camps for MNCs like:

GlaxoSmithKline | Apollo Life | IBM | Citibank | Apollo Munich | Colgate | Procter & Gamble | JP Morgan | SAN | Orchid International School | PPC worldwide